Fence Ideas For Your Backyard When You Want To Block Nosy Neighboors

If you've got nosy neighbors who are often found walking over into your backyard or perhaps peeping at you and your friends when you're out back sunbathing, then a nice privacy fence is just the ticket. These fences can be a non-confrontational way to establish privacy. However, you need to pick the right type of fence setup. For example, you don't want a picket fence because, while they look nice, they are not high enough. Read More 

The Maintenance and Repairs Chain Link Fences Need

Have you recently had a chain link fence installed and want to know more about maintaining it? Well, your chain link fence is very durable, but chores like cleaning the fence line and repairing small damage will be needed to ensure it lasts for many years. When you do maintenance, you will also want to be sure not to damage your fence. Here are some of the maintenance and repairs that you will need to do to your fence over the years: Read More