3 Prep Steps That Will Make Life With Your Newly Adopted Dog More Safe

Now that you've decided to adopt a dog, it's time to start thinking about how you'll prepare your home for their arrival. Here are three prep steps that shouldn't be overlooked if safety is of importance to you:

Invest in an Indoor Crate

Utilizing an indoor create will help ensure that your new furry family member doesn't hurt themselves or damage your property when they're home alone. Set the crate up in a quiet, safe room in your home where the dog seems to feel most comfortable, and keep a comfortable bed, a couple of toys, some water, and a little food inside. Leave the door open while you or other human family members are home so your dog can get used to it and spend time inside on their own terms. When everyone but the dog will be gone even for a few minutes, lock your pooch in the crate where you know they'll be safe until someone comes back home.

Get Rid of Strangulation Hazards

Even when there is someone around to supervise your newly adopted dog, there are likely things in your home that are dangerous to the pooch and could possibly strangle them when they're snooping around. It's important to get rid of strangulation hazards before bringing your adopted dog home. Look for hazards to remove such as:

  • Drapery That Pools on the Ground

  • Ornamental and Drape Tassles

  • Hanging Cords

  • Vertical Blinds and Their Handles

Anything that hangs and dangles from the wall, off of tables, or over doors should be removed if possible.

Install a Wooden Privacy Fence

Having a privacy fence installed on your property will give your adopted dog plenty of space to run and play without risking being injured by passing cars or other animals. Your dog won't be able to see under or over the wooden fence as it will act as a wall, and passersby can't see inside which should keep the dog from barking too much just because some action is happening on the sidewalk or in the road.

In addition to providing your dog with outdoor space to be free while keeping them safe from outdoor elements, your new privacy fence will help shelter your shrubs, flowers, and gardens from excessive wind and other harsh elements. It will also improve your property's overall curb appeal. There are a variety of wood colors and types to choose from when designing your privacy fence, which should make it easy to create a unique privacy fence that stands out from others in your neighborhood.

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