Unusual Ways To Personalize A Fence

A fence doesn't have to be a utilitarian element of your property designed simply to divide your backyard from the neighbor's and fade into the background. It can be a fun piece of visual art or can be a useful design element you and your family will enjoy. Before making calls to get fencing estimates for your new fence, consider some of the below ideas that will make your backyard the place to be. Be sure to discuss these ideas with the companies giving you your fencing estimates to ensure they'll be able to fulfill your wildest dreams. 

For the Kids

If you have kids who enjoy playing in the backyard, make part of your new fence an art studio for them. In a section of fence, include a built-in chalkboard where kids can spend summer days drawing. An alternative to making an existing chalkboard part of the fence is painting some of the fence slats with chalk paint. Another option for the kids is to make a section of the fence an activity board. Attach tubes and funnels to the fence and let kids pour water or sand through them, or for smaller kids, attach interesting things for them to explore, like chains, wheels, or different types of latches. 

For the Gardener

There's no reason why the fence can't be part of the garden. When having your fence installed, ask the fence builders to include a latticework-covered box in the fence so that summer flowers can be planted directly in the fence. If there isn't enough space between properties to include a vertical planting box, simple latticework still would allow trailing vines to be trained up the fence. 

For the Collector

If you've never met a garage sale you didn't love, the backyard fence could be the perfect place to display your finds. Instead of traditional fence slats, use old doors or shutters as a section of fence to create a visually interesting garden backdrop. Antique skis, metal art, and old tiles all are fun collections that would lend themselves perfectly to a backyard display. 

A Different View

Simply changing the direction of the wood slats used to make the fence can make a fence an interesting part of the landscape. Instead of building the fence with the slats in a traditional vertical position, ask the fence installer to put them in a horizontal position. Slats arranged in a chevron pattern also are visually arresting and very on-trend. 

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