The Maintenance and Repairs Chain Link Fences Need

Have you recently had a chain link fence installed and want to know more about maintaining it? Well, your chain link fence is very durable, but chores like cleaning the fence line and repairing small damage will be needed to ensure it lasts for many years. When you do maintenance, you will also want to be sure not to damage your fence. Here are some of the maintenance and repairs that you will need to do to your fence over the years: Read More 

6 Creative Uses for Deer Fencing

You are probably familiar with deer fencing if you live in an area where deer run free. This tall fencing is typically placed around the perimeter of your property to keep deer from entering your yard, but it's useful for other landscaping projects and can be used to provide protection for plants, animals, kids and your stuff. Here are 6 ways to use deer fencing in your yard.  Garden Protection Read More 

Dog Is An Escape Artist? Things To Consider About Chain Link Fencing Before You Install It

If you recently moved into a home without a fence, and you own a dog that loves to escape and run off without notice, you may decide to install a chain link fence around your property to confine your pet and prevent issues with your neighbors. But before you do so, it's important that you consider a few things first. Although it doesn't happen with every dog breed, some pets will jump over or even dig beneath fencing to escape. Read More 

Ranch Style Vinyl Fencing For New Homeowners: What Should You Know About It?

If you plan to install ranch style vinyl fencing around your large property, you may have many questions about the fencing, including its features and how to care for it after installation. The vinyl fencing helps you keep out deer and other large animals that threaten your property, as well as protect your property from unwanted visitors and trespassers. The railing system of ranch style fencing lies horizontally along the fence instead of vertically, which is generally found in traditional vinyl fences. Read More 

Beautifying Your Cinder Block Fence

If you are worried about the security of your home and the possibility that a criminal may break in, then consider having a security fence installed on your property. The best fences are solid, heavy, and strong, like those made out of cinder blocks. Cinder blocks also have the added benefit of creating a surface that is extremely difficult to climb up. While cinder blocks are extremely secure, they may not provide your home with the aesthetic appeal that you desire. Read More