Building A Deer Fence

There are many different types of fences that you can try to keep the deer out of your yard or your garden, but the fence has to be built with specific parameters to keep deer out. Deer are incredible animals and can jump extremely high. While you want to keep the deer off of your property, you likely do not want to kill them. So, there are a few different styles of fence that are effective in keeping deer off your property. Here are a few choices that you have for deer fences


Deer can jump very high, but they can't jump really high and also far. So, one of the most effective fences that you can put around your garden or property is a angled fence. Most of the time you will want to angle your fence at about 30 degrees. You still want the fence to be about 8 feet tall, but it if is angled it will dissuade deer from jumping. A deer is a very cautious animal and if it feels like there is even the slightest chance of not making the jump they will not risk it. An angled fence is a great way to keep the deer out. 

Double Fence

A deer has a great sense of smell, but they do not have very good depth perception with their eyes. So, if you are to build a fence and then build another fence a few feet behind the first fence a deer will feel extremely uncomfortable with the jump. The deer will not want to jump for a few reasons. First, the deer does not want to risk hitting the other fence. Second, the deer does not want to feel caught between two fences. A double fence is a great way to keep deer out, but it can also be a great design feature to your home as well.

Security Fence

A very popular fence, that just happens to be a good deer fence is a security fence. A deer does have a good sense of smell, and may know that your garden has tasty vegetables or fruits, but unless it can verify that there is no danger, the deer will not jump. A deer will not jump if it feels like there is any way that life could be in danger. A fence that blocks the view of your garden or grass can be one of the most simple ways to keep deer out.