Surprising Places For A Fence

There are so many ways fencing can be used that it would be next to impossible for someone to be able to name all of the possibilities. By reading about a few of the more surprising reasons or places for fencing, you might be able to think up some of your own good uses for fencing and decide to have one or more fences installed yourself. Here are some of the more creative fencing ideas: 

The backyard patio

If you have a backyard patio that doesn't have a fence around it, this would be considered to be a normal thing and many people wouldn't see a need for fencing it in. However, there are times when fencing the patio area can be very helpful. 

For one thing, if you have dogs and you also like to barbecue, then fencing in the patio can prevent the dogs from getting to the barbecue and prevent them from snatching food off the table or bothering company while you are having people over for a barbecue. The dogs can still run in the yard, and you and your guests can enjoy the outdoors without the dogs being a problem. 

The children's play area

If your children have a play area in the backyard, such as a sandbox, a swingset, or a playhouse area, and you have a dog, then having a fence installed around the play area may be a good idea. This can help to keep the area where your child plays free from dog feces, prevent your child from tripping in holes dug by the dog, and prevent the dog from accidentally injuring your child. 

Certain breeds of dogs can get rowdy when they see children run and accidentally hurt the child not meaning to. For example, herding dogs, such as border collies, are commonly known to 'herd' running children by nipping at their ankles. It's not that they want to hurt the child, but this is bred into these types of working dogs. A fence helps prevent these issues from happening. If you don't want to fence in your child's play area, then you can instead fence in an area to be used as the dog's area. 

An above-ground pool

Most people know it's a good idea to fence in their built-in pool area. In fact, in some states, this is actually the law. However, a lot of people don't think about fencing in their above-ground pools. But, if you don't have a fenced-in yard and you have an above-ground pool, then there is a chance you may be held liable if something happened with someone getting hurt or worse in the pool, even if you didn't know they were in it and they weren't invited. If you don't plan on always having the pool, then you can even have temporary fencing put in that won't be as big of an ordeal to have taken down in the future.

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