Why Put Up A Vinyl Fence Around Your Rental Property?

Do you have a rental property you want to keep in great condition? If so, you can benefit from having a vinyl fence put around the home. A vinyl fence can be installed by your fence company and can be a great addition to the property to not just your renters, but to you as well.

Here are some reasons to install a vinyl fence around your rental property. Your fence company will quote you for time and materials based on where you live, how large your yard is, and other factors.

You increase the privacy of the property

Vinyl fencing installed with solid panels can add a great sense of privacy for your renters and help them feel more at home while they are living there. Vinyl fencing helps separate your rental home from other neighboring homes, so whether you have renters with children, pets, or just multiple roommates, you can offer discreet renting solutions that you, your renters, and the neighboring homeowners can appreciate.

For privacy, talk to your fence company about putting up a six-foot fence around the back and sides of your rental home. The front of the home should be left free of fencing or have a picket-style fence put in.

You increase home value and curb appeal

While most fencing solutions will add personal value to a home by creating a boundary, a vinyl fence is often considered a more decorative fence and can add not just curb appeal, but home value as well. Should you choose to ask for a higher rent or put the property on the market in the future, having a vinyl fence installed by a professional fence company can help you get the best return on your investment.

If you have a nice private vinyl fence put in on your property, you can get a return on your investment by up to 50%. Maintaining your fence after it's installed will further enhance your home's curb appeal and ability to recoup on your investment later should you choose to sell your rental home anytime soon.

Keep in mind that any home improvements you make on your rental home, you can potentially write them off as a business expense on your taxes. Keep all receipts from your fence company regarding both the installation of your rental home's vinyl fence and any maintenance costs you accrue in the future. With care, your vinyl fence can last many years and serve many renters well.

For more information, reach out to a local fence company.