Problems To Watch For In Wooden Fences

When you have a wooden fence, you want to make sure it stays in proper shape. Make it a point to walk the perimeter regularly to look for troubled areas in the fencing. When you spot the start of problems, this is the best time for you to act on them. However, if you spot big problems, then they may be something you need to patch up right away, so that the fence stays as reliable as possible, until you can have someone get out to properly take care of it. When dealing with wooden fences, learn of some of the more common issues you may face.

Watch areas in the sun more

The sun can do a lot of harm to wood as the years go on, especially if the wooden fence isn't properly maintained or isn't weatherproofed enough for the amount of exposure it will see from weather-related issues, like rain, snow, wind, and direct sunlight. Taking on too much sun causes the wood to become brittle and weak. Therefore, while checking the perimeter, pay particularly close attention to these areas for signs of weakness in the wood.

Watch areas in the wind's path

While the wind can change directions, it is common for the wind to come mostly from the area where it will put a lot of pressure on the fence. If your area gets a lot of strong gusts of wind, then the fence will be in jeopardy. The wind will act like something pushing on the fence for long periods of time. This can cause a variety of problems. It can cause pieces of the fence to break away. It can also cause portions of the entire fence to lean more to one side. A leaning fence is an unsafe and unsound one that requires the section of the fence to be repaired or replaced.

Watch areas that take on most of the moisture

Your entire fence may get wet at the same rate and stay wet for the same amount of time. On the other hand, there may be some areas that stay wet longer due to their placement. Either way, you want to watch for signs of swelling and rot. You can help prevent this from happening with proper sealing and maintenance. Of course, you will still want to watch for problems. Rotted wood is at risk of breakage, insect infestation, mold, and other problems.

When you notice any or all of things, contact a fence company, as quickly as possible. They will know what to do and will be able to help you with any necessary replacements or repairs.