The Maintenance and Repairs Chain Link Fences Need

Have you recently had a chain link fence installed and want to know more about maintaining it? Well, your chain link fence is very durable, but chores like cleaning the fence line and repairing small damage will be needed to ensure it lasts for many years. When you do maintenance, you will also want to be sure not to damage your fence. Here are some of the maintenance and repairs that you will need to do to your fence over the years:

1. Cleaning Debris from The Fence Without Causing Damage to It

Debris on the fence line causes damage and wear overtime. You will want to keep things like vines and overgrowth off your fence. In addition, make sure trees are trimmed and a safe distance from the fence. When cleaning the fence line, do not get too close with weed-eaters and use clippers to cut vines loose from the fence. Try not to use too much force when pulling debris off the fence because this can cause bending of the chain link materials.

2. Replace Damaged Sections of Chain Links That Are Bent or Cut

The sections of your fence may be damaged by things like falling debris, trees and heavy objects being placed against the fence. When a section is damaged, you do not have to replace the entire fence; just replace the damaged area of chain link. First, tie the nearest posts well to hold the tension of the undamaged fence. Remove one of the links from both sides of the damaged area and put the new section in place. If you need tension, remove all the ties and tension the entire length of fence from a corner.

3. Repairing Posts and Gates That Bend or Corrode and Need Replacing

Chain link fencing is usually a galvanized material or coated in vinyl to prevent damage. The posts of your fence on the other hand are exposed to weather and dirt, and may be steal or other corrosive materials, or even wood. The fence posts and gates will need to be checked regularly to ensure that they are not damaged. Replace any damaged posts to prevent sections of fencing from being damaged.

The maintenance and repairs of your chain link fence will ensure that it lasts for a long time. If you need help with the installation of fencing or repairs, contact a chain link fencing contractor to help with your fence care needs.