Boundaries And Borders: Beautiful Iron Fencing To Define Green Spaces In A Garden-Style Apartment Complex

As a multifamily residential developer catering to the upscale rental market, you know that fencing serves a greater purpose than simply separating your property from the rest of the world. The perimeter fence, for example, is one of the first things prospective residents see when they come for an apartment viewing – and first impressions can have a powerful effect on their decision whether to sign a rental agreement or not. This fence also influences how well the property is integrated with its surroundings. Handsome iron fences offer a sense of security and separation without creating the appearance of a fortress. But it's inside the property boundaries where ornamental iron fencing reaches its apex as a durable, beautiful landscape feature. Properly positioned, these fences lend visual appeal to the property's green spaces while serving very practical purposes.

Swimming Pool Enclosure

State and municipality regulations require safe, sturdy enclosures around swimming pools. While the primary purpose of preventing accidents and drowning is serious, the fence doesn't need to be an eyesore. A sleek, tall iron fence with vertical slats positioned no more than 4 inches apart becomes an attractive element in the landscape architecture when it's surrounded by low-growing evergreen shrubbery. Kids can't climb or wiggle their way through the slats of an enclosure fence, but the design is open enough that it doesn't block the view from either inside or out. The gate and locking mechanism is just as important as the fence itself. Your options range from a simple latch to a keypad locking system for controlling and monitoring access.

Children's Play Area

In a dedicated play area, jungle gyms, swings and sandboxes provide endless fun for the youngsters among your property's occupants. Although families may enjoy relaxing and playing together on the garden-style apartment green spaces, a separate fenced area is especially welcome for solo parents and caregivers. The adults can relax on comfortable, shaded benches without having to worry their little ones will wander too far away. A black iron fence surrounding this area will match most apartment complex landscaping schemes, but the enclosure takes on a festive flair with rust-resistant paint in shades of red, blue or green.

Backyards and Personal Spaces

Many upgraded garden-style apartment communities feature allocated outdoor space that serves as small backyards for individual units. Low- or medium-height iron fencing separating these spaces lends a sense of privacy. Although there is still space between the fence slats, the landscaping design can include climbing vines, upright evergreen shrubs and flowering perennial plants for additional screening. The plantings also serve as a smooth, visual transition between the residential buildings and the shared, larger green spaces.

Doggy Park

Pet-friendly complexes are seeing a surge in popularity as companion animals have come to be considered four-legged family members. On the apartment complex's walkways, green spaces and common areas, animals are usually required to be leashed. Give your pet-loving residents a place for their pets to romp and play when you install a doggy park. It doesn't have to be huge and it doesn't have to be surrounded by unsightly chain link fencing, either. Instead, coordinate with your fencing contractor for an iron fence style with slats placed closely together so little dogs can't escape.

Depending on the size and layout of your garden-style complex, other areas may be suitable for attractive fenced enclosures. The patio of a clubhouse, a bicycle parking station or a quiet Zen garden for meditation can be enhanced by the classy, upscale appearance of an ornamental iron fence. Along with decorative appeal throughout the property, your choice of iron fencing material ensures solid durability and longevity.