4 Vinyl Fence Features Ideal For Backyard Sports

Playing backyard sports is a great way for families to bond together, enjoy the outdoors, and get some exercise. As soccer balls, baseballs, and kick balls are tossed around, you may want to find some way to help control and contain all of the action. This is where a vinyl fence comes in. Vinyl fences can provide a great barrier for your backyard, and there are a number of custom features you can have installed. Each of the following four features is ideal for playing backyard sports and will help enhance the way games are enjoyed at your home.

Privacy Fencing

Help contain a lot of the balls and playing action in your backyard with the installation of privacy fencing. This type of fencing is typically around six feet tall. This is often the maximum height that a fence is allowed for backyard installations. The tall fence can help contain a majority of kicked or hit balls that are played with in the backyard. Instead of chasing balls into a neighbor's yard, they can simply bounce off the fence and allow game play to continue very quickly. Privacy fences are often completely solid, preventing any small balls or objects from slipping through the rails or openings between the pickets. This is not only ideal for family sports, but it's great for family pets like dogs that also love to run around and play in the back yard.

Fence Gate

Even with a six foot high fence, balls may accidentally travel the top. This can occur more if your family enjoys games like baseball or wiffle ball. Instead of climbing a fence or going all the way around, contractors can help install a fence gate to the design. A seamless fence gate installation will blend into the fence and look like a natural part of the design. A small latch can be lifted so that the gate easily opens and balls can be retrieved when they go over the fence. For children's safety, the latch can be located high atop the fence and may also include a lock that prevents anyone from just opening the gate.

Bottom Rails with Reinforced Steel

Help add stability and protection to your gate by choosing an installation with steel bottom rails. The reinforced steel can help make the fence sturdy and stand strong if balls are being bounced off of it on a daily basis. The reinforced steel will go across the entire length of the fence and be firmly attached to large posts that are installed deep in the ground. This will give your family a fence with stability that can last for numerous years of backyard sport activities. The steel rails that are installed are designed to look the same as all of the other fence parts. This will help the fence blend in together and create a nice aesthetic for the backyard.

Picket Accents

The top of a backyard fence can have small accents installed. These are basically small opening designs with rails. When playing backyard sports, there are multiple uses for these accents. In baseball, you can attach a small ribbon or flag to indicate foul ball areas. The small pickets are also ideal for attaching a scoreboard. A manual or digital scoreboard can hang for the accent and be used for a variety of backyard games. The accents can be used to showcase sports memorabilia and team colors. Accents can be installed in a variety of color designs that represent your favorite teams. You can hang pennants, team flags, and other decorations directly off the fence accents.

Contact a fence contractor to see your different options when installing a backyard vinyl fence design. By expressing your interest in playing sports, a contractor can showcase some of the best options of vinyl fences for you and your family.